Autonomous Food Delivery Robot
Super Cute & Smart

Cute but powerful

Novel and Cute Delivery Robot


Lidar & RGBD Sensors

Pudu X EAI, a customized version of Lidar, tailor-made for Pudu robots, with an ultra-high rate of 18,000 times per second is the highest ranging frequency that can be reached by triangular ranging lidars.

Sensing Tray


Interactive Lighting


Quick Release



Hot-Swap Battery



PUDU SLAM is a multi-sensor fusion SLAM algorithm independently developed by Pudu. It adopts a combination of various sensors such as vision camera, lidar, IMU, encoder, RGB-D depth camera and ultrasonic radar. It can realize centimeter-level real-time positioning and high-precision map construction. It can also run efficiently in complex and mixed scenarios such as restaurants

3D Obstacle Avoidance
In pursuit of higher safety, BellaBot is equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. It can stop at any angle and move away as soon as it encounters obstacles.

Minimum height of object detection
Obstacle detection frequency
5400 Times/min


PUDU SCHEDULER has adopted a decentralized, flexible ad hoc network communication scheme and algorithm architecture. Each robot can directly communicate with all the robots in the same place, and quickly manage and make decisions about traffic e.g. Making decision for robots to avoid going into the narrow isle at the same time, or a robot to wait at the junction to let another robot walk pass first, or robots queueing to wait for dishes one by one. This system makes multi-robot scenario more efficient and avoid jamming at busy spot

Light Interaction

Different task status trigger corresponding light effect interactions, making the status indication clearer

  • Machine size               516*537*1290mm

  • Machine weight           59kg

  • Machine material          ABS/aviation-grade aluminum alloy

  • Charging time              4H

  • Battery lifetime            7X24H (power exchangeable)

  • Cruise speed                0.5~1.2m/s adjustable

  • Single tray load            10kg